“Oh, what a delightful, local family Janie Suss introduces to her readers!  They fish for their dinners every day, they take special care of each other, they live in a house of sticks (and orange twine), which does not blow down in a storm, AND they are ospreys!!  As a librarian, I will suggest this book to people of all ages, whether they are looking for information on ospreys or a story that will capture the whole family's attention.  Many people come to the library to find information on birds of the area and I will be thrilled to share with them Oscar and Olive Osprey: A Family Takes Flight!”


Joan D. Kilmon

Branch Manager

Calvert Library Twin Beaches Branch

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

“Oscar and Olive Osprey is a charming book that children will love.  It is not only a story of nature—of beautiful and graceful birds—but of family, parents’ love, and of young birds growing, dreaming, overcoming their fears, and finding their way.  Set atop a nest at the end of a pier, it is a story of life that parents and children can share.  I highly recommend it.”

Mark A. Reinecke, PhD

Professor and Chief

Division of Psychology

Feinberg School of Medicine

Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

“The connection you feel between this family and your own is so real.  This story will capture your heart and you will no longer look at the osprey as just another bird.”

Carla Rohde

Park Naturalist/Raptor Specialist

Watkins Nature Center

Upper Marlboro, MD

“Experiencing these spectacular birds of prey first hand inspires in children, and adults alike, a sense of awe, and a desire for learning more about them that is duplicated by reading this beautiful story.  I know this book will guide the next generation of nature lovers to seek out the experience of watching ospreys for decades to come.”

Joy Braunstein


Carolina Raptor Center

Charlotte, NC