What Readers Are Saying

“I received the book you signed today with the personal message to my great-nephew Canyon.   Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email and for writing such fitting and inspiring message to him.  I know his parents will be thrilled when he receives the book.  I believe it will be an instant favorite not only for Canyon but for his parents and others who read to him. 


I couldn't wait to read about Oscar and Olive.  It's a wonderful story with beautiful photographs!  Like the osprey nest, I enjoyed how you wove so much "material" into your story to not only educate us about osprey life, but the family values and life lessons to be learned from them.    Osprey family life proves to be an excellent model for human family life and interaction.  You really nailed it!  This is a book to be cherished and passed on from generation to generation. 


Your book inspired me to want to put up a nesting platform.  I am hoping that my purple martins and the ospreys can co-exist  in close proximity.  I will have to do some research.


Thank you again.”


Noreen Bennett

Owings, Maryland


“Good morning!  What a wonderful Sunday.  I just read your book Janie and it's great!!!  I told my mom about it back in February and she gave me a copy for my birthday in April.  As I was picking up this morning I came across your book and thought I'd read a couple of pages and I just didn't want to put it down.  It's great!  Being the bird person I am I thought I knew a lot about most birds, but you taught me a few things today about ospreys.  Maybe one day soon I can stop by and get you to sign my book and check out your beautiful birds?  Thanks again for such a great read.  Hope to see you soon.”

Mark Shepherd

Friendship, Maryland


“Thank you so very much for the book!  All I can say is wow;  I didn't realize just how beautiful of a book it is!!!  It's so well done and the pictures are excellent!  It came when I was in the hospital with my daughter, so my husband surprised me with it.  We all ooooed & ahhhhed over it.  It was a much needed ray of sunshine.”

Kate Jamrozy

Alpharetta, Georgia


“A wonderful book...purchased it yesterday at Eco Day and couldn't put it down.  Hope I can purchase 2 more and have them autographed.  One for Susan, a good friend, birder, and lover of the Chesapeake region. The other for my grandson Jakob who will be 8 on the 20th, loves to visit ‘Grammy,’ walk the boardwalk and see the birds.” 

Jane Hagen


Town of North Beach, Maryland


“Melissa (age 10) started reading on the way home and didn't put it down until I made her go to bed.  Finished following day when she got home from school.  LOVED IT!!"

Jackie Cosner

Lusby, Maryland


“We are reading your delightful book aloud and my first and second graders are enjoying it immensely. I am so excited that you will be coming to visit us. Your book is a wonderful tie-in to the life cycle of the bird (which we were already studying) and the Chesapeake Bay and the wetlands biome (which we will be beginning soon). The beginning of the school year is also a great time for my students to learn about the writing process, particularly, the idea of how many drafts one has to go through before getting to that longed-for final copy! I would love for you to focus on what it is like to be an author, what kinds of preparation you had to (make) in order to write the book, how the idea came to you, etc. My students are extremely interested in meeting a real live author. :-)”


Rhoda Switzer

The Tidewater School

Huntingtown, Maryland